DynIce Super Wide Tow Ropes

Wide Tow ropes

The first DynIce Superwides were taken into use in 1993 as the first ones to replace steel wire on seismic vessels. Since then they have been the preferred choice of the main seismic companies. The advantage is excellent abrasion resistance and very durable coverbraid to protect the wide tow rope from abrasion and cutting. Moreover it has been proven to be superior in perpendicular steel wire cutting tests compared to other similar ropes.

The newest patent pending generation of wide tow ropes combines the newest and most advanced materials available today from Dyneema®. The onboard sheave section is made of DynIce Ultrabend and the main length of DynIce 75. The outer end is tapered to double thickness next to the deflector to tolerate better cutting and bending fatigue which can appear in that part. The wide tow rope is however seamless as the material and construction changes gradually in the rope there are no visible joins.

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